How to select monitor to launch games in dual-monitor setup?

Someone else posted a similar query was posted several months ago but was not answered.

I have a dual-monitor setup. Left monitor is a 144Hz AOC and is the primary monitor. Right monitor is an older 60Hz Dell.

Game will only launch on the right monitor. If it’s set to windowed mode and moved to the left monitor, the game will relaunch on the right.

Information on the system is here:

I’m hoping there are options in Lutris to select which monitor games are launched on.


did you set your 144hz monitor as the primary monitor in your graphics settings?

In Lutris? The 144Hz monitor is set as primary in Displays.

Does that mean that all games do not start on the 144 hz monitor?

Really only have two games in Lutris right now, and only play one of them.

don’t start both games on the 144 hz monitor?