How to see the wine version specified

League of Legends cites lol-3.13-x86_64 as the League version but what Staging commit + Andrew Wesie patches is this? Commit 9d12bd0 is needed to fix the freeze-on-Play-hover bug

@GloriousEggroll Iโ€™m presuming you wrote the update, would you know? :slight_smile:

You can look at the source here:

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The name lol-3.13-x86_64 is not on that repo? How can I tell which commit that release was cut from and is there any way of telling when a new version of that Wine build is released?

Lol-3.13 was built from the esync-lol branch.

does lol-3.13 pick up the latest patches to that branch? the Lutris script update was before those patches so how do I go about picking up the latest ones? Removing and reinstalling the game and prefix?

This was answered on the Lutris Twitter, unchecking the Wine version and rechecking it installs the updated Wine version. I donโ€™t know when Lutris Wine is built after an update to the Lutris Wine GitHub though.