How to run Watch Dogs 2 via U-play?

I wanted to ask if anyone managed to get Watch Dogs 2 to work via U-play? :slightly_smiling_face:
Every time I start it in U-play I only get a black screen… :confused:

Thx for help.

I don’t think it’s possible because of DRM and EAC.

What is DRM and EAC?

@Mau_99 DRM, in this case, stands for Digital Rights Management. The reason DRM would prevent Watch Dogs 2 from running when using any operating system other than Windows is that the game publishers don’t want the game to run on any other operating system. EAC is a curtain software protection system which there would need to be a Linux version of that protect before you would be able to run any programs with wine.

ok thx.
So there is no change to get WD2 running? :confused:

@Mau_99 no there is no change still unable to get WD2 running. There might be some hope in the future, the developers of EAC are supposedly working on a Linux version of there software protection software, at least that is what I have read somewhere.

ok thx mate