How to report bugs in installers?

Where do I report bugs for specific installers? The “Suggest changes” button specifically specifies that using the form to report bugs will lead to an account ban and the various GitHub repos are related to the app itself, the runners and the website.

I’m trying to install Dreamweb (available to download freely from the ScummVM website) and the download link in the install script seems to be outdated. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to report this somewhere so that the maintainer will fix it, if I’m supposed to edit the script myself…

When logged into, bring up the game entry, change the drop down to Edit the installer, and click it. It should take you to a web form - change the protocol on the URL to HTTPS, put a note in for why and submit it.

The install fails as Lutris doesn’t follow the 301 redirect to HTTPS - like many places, the site has shut down serving files over HTTP. That technically renders all the hosted games there “out of date,” but also maybe offer a justification for a feature request to follow 301s - assuming we want to.

I’m not sure it’s only an issue due to the protocol (HTTP vs HTTPS) as I noticed that on the ScummVM website the files pointed to a downloads subdomain (the installer looks for the file at domain level), so I assumed that changed at some point, though it’s possible that the ScummVM website handles the redirection.

But anyway, while I can do that for this specific game, my question is more general: let’s say I have an issue installing a game and I can’t figure out what’s wrong, how/where would I report that? Is there a process on the website, on the forum, on GitHub… to report broken install scripts?

Apologies - I’m aware the redirects go to in that domain as well the switch to HTTPS, and I was heading to bed without pasting curl’s output :slight_smile:

In short, raise it in the Support forum or ask in Discord, work on it if you can/want to see the benefit, and submit the new installer in the site.

Yes, it’s not exactly Jira, but as far as I know some poor soul still has to review all changes.

change the drop down to Edit the installer, and click it. It should take you to a web form - change the protocol on the URL to HTTPS, put a note in for why and submit it.

… and wait for something to happen, be prepared to be patient. My last submissions have gone without any response (positive or negative) for months.

Even if accepted, unless I am misunderstanding, this will result in Yet Another Installer for the game in question, rather than fixing the existing one. People who are looking for the “right” installer may see the new one but will be left mostly clueless about the differences. In the end it comes down to trying one installer after the other.

We need some way to discuss and improve existing installers rather than just adding new versions to the zoo.

Was just reporting the current system :slight_smile:
I also appreciate there is a wait and little visibility - I’ve submitted installers in the distant past - a couple went in. I’ve got my own installers I’ve tweaked - mostly redundant now windows media foundation is incorporated, or installing Windows version of games from GoG even though there’s a native linux version.
There are installer threads in feedback and suggestions raising similar points going back some time. The discussions all come away with the same thing - someone with the time needs to set it up, and then it needs continuous time investment to be moderated and regularly checked.