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How to play Gta 5 using proton without buying from steam

You know epic games gave away gta 5 for free so, I wanna try it in steam proton but I don’t have it obviously from steam. How do I configure it like that? So what I did was:
game info> Runner=wine steam
game options>app id= 271590 (gta 5 ID)
game options>Prefix=???(I don’t know what to put in here???)
Runner options>Custom steam location= Do I put my original steam location??
System options> Default installation folder= where gta 5 located right??

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Proton is a (modified) Wine version, so if you want to use it use Wine runner. Using Steam runner merely opens a Steam instance with a link to start up an owned game (and Winesteam runner has nothing to do with Proton, it’s a Steam runner for a Windows version of Steam installed in a regular Wine prefix).

So, as I said, to run a non-Steam game install with Proton, create a Wine game install with Proton set as the Wine version. You can either point to Proton Wine binary directly (by picking “Custom” as Wine version), or pick it from the Wine versions list (IIRC Lutris should be able to detect installed Proton versions from native Steam?…). Otherwise it should work same way as any other Wine game.