How to move game to HDD?


I just plugged an old HDD from my grandma’s computer into my pc and I was wondering, is there any way to keep the game launcher on my SDD Epic Games Store and and transfer the game to the HDD? Even though I’ve used Linux for a while I’m not that familiar with these things so a step by step guide would be helpful or a Youtube video. I want to move Overwatch ( to HDD and Rocket Leauge (Epic Games Store)

Thanks in advance!

Maybe moving the directory over and then creating a link from the original location to the location on the HDD.

A Linux file system is necessary in this scenario.

I’m on my phone so sorry if this is hard to read.

Yes and no. my recommendation is to always make a new wine for every game I know it can be a pain to log in every time you make wine for like battlenet but there are many reasons why you should 1 if a game needs other wine settings that make the game run better that other games don’t or if the wine fucked up you only losing one game. But if you want to keep the client on the main HDD then the best way is to go to winecfg and add a link to your folder on the second HDD. And then in the client, you can choose where to save the game and just go to that folder you just linked. That’s the only way I see it can be done but Linux doesn’t like NTFS it’s happier with EXT4 but that means you can’t use it on a win PC without formatting it first.