How to Link proton games to steam client native?

As topic says, I have a game that needs to see the steam client to login, I do not want to install the windows steam, the game will detect steam via steam proton but not via lutris.

Lutris is blocking proton from seeing steam native, any solution?

what game?

Mortal Online 2, needs a steam login.

why u just dont launch it with native steam and proton ?
also no report if they ahve anitcheat or other it will not work

Well Lutris gives extra options and for some reason when I launch game with latest proton-ge under steam it crashes… But it works with TKG.

I simply asked a question, how do you link lutris to native steam for wine run games… that was it.

The anticheat is server side atm.

u literrally have the same option if u are willing to play with the %command% in steam. Since no long ago u can t launch proton outside of steam ( an hack exist but it s not recomanded and i dont know how u do it ). Are u have look at log ? I mean what do u mean by proton crash ? Reinstall a newly dl one ?