How to keep (Origin) games from changing my resolution?

Hey mates!

This isn’t exclusive to Origin games (like Battlefield, Battlefront, Jedi:Fallen Order, …), but that is where it annoys me the most.

Ok. I have a dual-screen setup with 144Hz. When I start a game, e.g. Star Wars: Battlefront II (new one), it changes my desktop resolution, throws all my open windows on the current virtual desktop, changes back to the resolution before and then runs the game.

I didn’t have had this before, but I re-installed Origin today and now I have this problem.

Of course, I always try to run these games in “borderless windowed” mode to prevent this happening, but now this doesn’t work anymore. I do understand that “fullscreen” will do this, but as said, I always run in borderless.

I’m also not able to use WINE’s “virtual desktop” mode, as AFAIK this locks me to 60Hz.

Is there some way to prevent these games from trying to change my resolution upon starting them?