How to install/use custom Proton build?

I’m having a problem with a custom Proton build, proton-tkg-5.0rc6. I built it myself on elementary OS and it’s installed in its own folder in ~/.steam/compatibilitytools.d/. I can use it fine on Steam and it works too, but for some reason it won’t show up at all in Lutris’ list of Wine versions.

All my normal Proton versions as well as other custom Proton builds (GloriousEggroll ones) show up just fine! I’ve never had problems with those. I’ve tried playing a game with this new build forced on Steam but even after that, a Steam restart, Lutris restart, and a system restart, the build still won’t show up on Lutris.

How can I use this Proton build with Lutris? Is there a way to install it as a custom build just for Lutris instead of trying to get it “imported” from Steam or am I just missing something crucial?

EDIT: I did some more digging and found out that by renaming the build’s folder to “Proton-TKG” and starting a game the build suddenly shows up on Lutris (I guess the name length is limited?). However, it still doesn’t work - games won’t launch at all when configured to use it. So I guess I’m still missing something?

I think lutris only checks for proton versions once on install… never updates. At least from what I can tell.

UPDATE: It seems for custom proton builds to show up you need to run them via steam at least once.

Proton no longer supported. Rip Lutris for me.

Yeah, like I added in the edit, I managed to get it to show up - it required running once through Steam as well as renaming the folder due to name length or format restrictions. However the build still doesn’t work when using it through Lutris. On Steam it works without problems but with Lutris none of the games I tried even started. :frowning:

Same thing here. I notice there’s no option for right-click “Wine Configuration” when using any proton version. The wine setup window that pops up initially when you select a different wine version in lutris? that doesn’t come-up either.