How to install this game Creative Destruction

this game is a alternative to Fortnite

You can try this other alternative, at the moment

If you visit the official webpage… it’s really quite similar to the one you posted.

I won’t take a look into creating a script for your game, so I’m at least offering an “off-the-shelf” alternative for your gaming needs.

but I’d like to play creative destruction myself, there’s also

I tried looking at the RulesOfSurvival script before starting a topic, it uses wine staging-3.12-x86_64

But I could not install Lutris on this wine version, just on PlayOnLinux, and I also installed vcrun2010, but it did not work: / the game opens and then hangs.

Thanks for the answer

But I could not install Lutris on this wine version

This doesn’t make sense, Lutris’ script is a script that downloads and sets things up for you. You don’t ever “install Lutris on this wine version”. You press the install button and it installs your game with all dependencies.

no has a script to creative destruction on lutris, sorry my bad english.


I tried installing this game but it says “init render module error”. Used the script and it crashes.

Should I set extra configs?