How to install Tera french version


I am using linux for a short time. I am on Fedora 29.

My friend and i want to play to Tera.
I install the version with the lutris wine script successfully. But surprise the french server is not available i only have the 2 english server…
My friend are playing on the french server.

I have download the gameforge french installer. And i want to know if (and how) i can modify the lutris wine script to use the installer on my computer instead of the internet link.
If i just change the internet link by the folder path with the name of the launcher would it works or not?

Thank you in advance for helping.

Why dont you install TERA thru Steam play PROTON ? is worcking great!

I was using lutris wih wine option for other game. So my first try was same way.
I do not know Steam play PROTON. Is that steam for linux?
I will look for this tonight.
Thanks for the answer :grinning: