How to install Stellaris DLC through lutris?

I bought Stellaris through GOG and when I install stellaris through lutris it does not install the DLC.

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GOG DLCs are not installed automatically – they’re kind of like separate entities. I actually have no idea how it’s supposed to be done right now (I posted a question earlier but no one answered), so the way I do it currently is running the DLC installer by hand (it autodetects the game location, IIRC).

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My Lutris GOG games get installed in ~/Games.
When I download the dlc *.exe of a game an run it with wine wine is not able to find the base game.
Had this behaviour with Grim Dawn. Any idea what I could have done wrong?

Are you sure you’re running it with the same Wine version inside the same wineprefix? Lutris provides a way to do that specifically (“Run EXE inside wine prefix” in game link menu).


Thank you very much! I’m pretty new to gaming on Linux with wine.
As of now I was only used to Steams Proton Environment, which is pretty straight forward.

That did the trick for me. I read there are wineprefixes, but did not know what to do with them and how to use them. Nor that it is so easy to install programs in a prefix using lutris.

So again, thank you very much, Lex!
Now I can finally play Grim Dawn with DLCs on Linux without having to install a Windows on my machine, or having to use Steam. :slight_smile:

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