How to install lib32-gnutls

I’m new to lutris and would like to use it to run Battlefront 2 on Origin.
My operating System is PopOS 20, I installed lutris via the ppa, not pop_shop.

After installing Origin (not battlefront) with the official install script, I’m facing a problem: “Online login currently not available”.
I’ve browsed this forum, reddit, the internet,…
And the most promising solution seems a magical library called lib32-gnutls.

But how do I install that?
It’s not clear to me whether this is a package that I need to install with aptitude, via some lutris menu, as some kind of wine plugin, or something else.


follow the comments in the following thread:

Normally this wine dependency is automatically installed when you install wine.

It is a linux library, it is installed into your linux system through your system packet manager.