How to install Dino Crisis PC SourceNext Edition with REbirth

This is a hard one as the normal installer does not place a .exe in the directory upon install.

So you will need a Japanese release of Dino Crisis known as the SourceNext version, it is the last release of the game and has the best coding of them all and supports mods.

You will need the Windows XP patch.

REbirth (ddraw.dll) Dino Crisis Classic REbirth

This patch DLL is a plug&play way to enjoy Dino Crisis for PC with improved compatibility and some tweaks that make it work on modern hardware.

Replaces DirectDraw 5.00 with DirectX 9, for improved compatibility with modern GPUs (and prevents rundll32.exe from executing for no good reason). Will implement OpenGL and DirectX11 in a later revision.
Replaces DirectInput 3.00/5.00 with new input methods such as XInput, RawInput, DirectInput 8.0 (also native keyboard support), effectively allowing most controllers to be detected and supported by the game.
Replaces DirectShow video playback with a custom video player that doesn’t depend on deprecated Microsoft technologies. No codecs required, FFmpeg takes care of Indeo5 and adds native MP4 + AAC support.
Adds a new 3D rendering mode with more precise transformation methods that fix wobbliness and texture warping.
Improves sound capabilities of the game, making the audio driver switch from 22050Hz 8bit audio driver to 44100Hz 16bits. It also fixes a bug that causes music to increasingly speed up when player gets damaged across rooms without healing.
Adds resolutions higher than 640×480 (supports 4K too), adds a hotkey to switch resolution in game, and provides a more stable borderless window mode to replace glitchy fullscreen.
Adds an optional adaptative wide screen mode to fill the whole screen area (i.e. 16:9 & 16:10 ratios or even ultra widescreen, you name it).
Fixes frame rate issue to provide smooth 30/60 fps support.
Removes the need to install the game or to launch it via a dedicated launcher. Just copy your data from the install disk, add the DLL, execute the game and you are ready to go. If your copy was already installed, the DLL will convert Registry settings on the fly.

To get this to work you need to now try and install Dino Crisis as normal through Lutris, aim it at the dinst.exe in the directory of your installation media.
Select the left buttons to process, once you get 3 boxes, tick them all (This is the game data) You then need to allow it to finish.

Go manually to the game directory where you installed it through Lutris (For me this was /home/linuxn/Games/dino-crisis/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/CAPCOM/DINOCRISIS/

Now get the XP patch and copy the exe to the directory, grab the ddraw.dll … REbirth and place that in the directory also.
You will also need Launch.exe from the installation media.

Head back to the Lutris application, right click Dino Crisis and select configure.
Go to Game options and select the new DINO.exe you placed into the installation folder.

Now go to runner options. Enable System Winetricks.
Scroll down to DLL overrides.
Create a new one named ddraw.dll and type in n,b under value. Save.

Open the game.

Video for people who learn visually.