How to install and play AC Valhalla

Actually, there is no script to install Assassins Creed Valhalla, but using Lutris and installing the Ubisoft Launcher (Ubisoft Connect) enables to install and play Ubisoft Games.

What you need:

  • Ubisoft account
  • the game purchased via Ubisoft, here Assassin Creed Valhalla

How to install

  • install the Ubisoft Launcher via Lutris, there is an install script (Ubisoft Connect - Lutris)
  • once, the launcher is installed, choose a runner and start it, login
  • now you can use Ubisoft Connect to install your right (copy seems to be the wrong word) to install AC Valhalla


  • I use Proton-6.10-GE-1 via steam as runner, that is, I added Ubisoft Connect as a non-steam game to steam, provided path and the executable, chose the named runner and it just run ootb. I have no idea, if Lutris-provided runners may run the Launcher and then the game.
  • sometimes Ubisoft Connect does not recognise the installation path of the game, for example if there is an update or other Ubisoft relatet stuff. However, providing the installation path within Ubisoft Connect for the game costs just a few clicks.
  • Loading times for the launcher and then the game are very long. Steam actually behaves such as the launcher would crash, but after - actually a minute or so - the launcher starts. This is comparable to the game itself started from the launcher, it takes almost a minute until the AC-logo appears.
  • On my machine, I have no performance problems. The only problem is an illumination based display of some rocks, depending on the daytime and so illumination in the game, late afternoon. This problem occured very seldom.