How to "Insert or mount game disc"?

I am on Linux Mint and I am trying to install CD versions of a few older Need for Speed games. I get the following message:

Insert or mount game disc and click Autodetect or
use Browse if the disc is mounted on a non standard location.

Lutris is looking for a mounted disk drive or image 
containing the following file or folder:

I don’t understand what I need to do to continue and I cannot find any helpful information anywhere on internet whatsoever.

Can somebody please provide clear, step by step instructions on what I need to do to install the game?

So you are trying to use Lutris to install NFS
What NFS are you installing?
Are you using physical discs r are you using virtual discs?

I need to use virtual disks.

I want to install underground 1 and 2, but pretty much all older nfs (that don’t have high graphics requirements) that I tried have this disk requirement.

Ok I haven’t tried to install from discs in a long time
Best to just mountttt all the discs
Do you know how to do that?
And what are the filetype (Extentions) of these discs?

No, I don’t know how to mount discs.
And I don’t know what extensions files need to be in. ISO, maybe, I guess?

(Maybe I misunderstand how Lutris works. Am I expected to have ISO on my end? I thought I could download game straight from Lutris.)

I do mean ISO. so we are starting off great.
Usually you are able to just double click on an iso to mount it

No lutris does not download a game unless the game is free to play.
It merely does all the dirty work of setting up wine the best way to run your chosen game.
You need to still have the game disc or rom to install.
also. If you thought that Lutris downloads the game, why did you preemptively have the ISO’s ready?

I didn’t mean to sound like a have ISO. I don’t. Sorry for miscommunication.

And indeed, I misunderstood how Lutris works. I thought Lutris provides games.

Thank you very much for clearing things up for me.

So, first I’m going to need to find an ISO. I might be able to figure out on my own how to install games, but if I don’t I’ll reply to this thread.

Thanks for help!

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Glad to be of service