How to increase the FPS in LOL

hi all.

my question today is, how to increase the FPS in LOL?

simply i need know on this.

thanks for your help. :smiley:

I play on a chromebook so i can give you some tips.

Set everything to low, turn off shadows

In game cfg set bush sway to 0 and in game turn off the name above the health bars

Update MESA

On a cpu below minimum req for league (max turbo 1.70 ghz) with integrated graphics, it gives me 30+ fps always except maybe few teamfights

Hi, use CSMT wine-staging(is working fine but sometimes FPS is lower) or wine-nine with open drivers (I didnโ€™t try Yet ).
But i cantโ€™t find any wine-nine in lutris. Anyone have seen this? Cheers

What do you mean wine-nine

Hum, ive never heard or used that b4. Looks like a question for a guy like @GloriousEggroll

I think Playonlinux has wine-nine so You can download it there then copy to lutris and set as wine for LOL.

Im not sure thatd work

Iโ€™ve tried this with one wine x84 version that was in Playonlinux but not in lutris(here was only x64) and as I remember wright everything was working.