How to get latest lutris-wine runner?

I see that many people seem to have “lutris-6.0-rc1-x86_64” wine runner in their game config, but where did they get it from??
I have installed the latest lutris and I also have installed wine from latest wine-git, which gives me a normal (non-lutris) wine-runner “System (6.0-rc2-43-gef876fc54e2)”. The latest actual “lutris” runner I have is “lutris-5.7-5-x64_86 (default)”, which also seems a bit strange as my lutris version says, so I’d expect the default runner to be lutris-5.8-1? Well anyway:
How do I get that “lutris-6.0-rc1-x86_64” runner and where do I get information so I won’t miss such releases in the future anymore, please?

Burger menu > Manage runners > scroll down to WINE > click on the box icon (manage version) > download your preferred version
BTW: lutris-6.0-rc1 is not at the top.

oh my god >_< thanks!

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One of the biggest problems with Lutris is that there is no manual for it so everything is experimental and hit and miss. If you want newest then I do not understand 6.0 RC2 is newer than 6.0 RC1. However on a more fundamental level you need to modify how you see Lutris and runners.

Lutris is primarily a tool to organise your games to run the appropriate/best version of wine. Lutris has some other good features which help to run games on Linux too. The runners are essentially modified versions of wine tailored to run specific games. So to get a game to work you need to get the game and then search the net to find out what runner you need, in many cases they are Proton builds which are freely available which you just download and copy into ~.local/share/lutris/runners/wine and when you open lutris what you have downloaded and moved shows up as a runner.

Thanks for the help but i do not seem to be able to activate it.
I did use the tick box, closed Lutris and then reopened it. When i go to burger menu [about] it still shows version, is this right?

You might find the ppa for Lutris and add it to your sources, this is mine for ubuntu, This is not the full source as my version of ubuntu is not included, it’s intended to let you know what they look like. Do that then Lutris is automatically upgraded each time a new version is released. There has been no hamburger menu in Lutris for several releases now. 5.8.3 is the current release.

Anyway, once you have copied a wine release/version into ~.local/share/lutris/runners/wine and restarted Lutris you right click the game banner and select configure then select the runner options tab and the first line in that window is wine version which has a drop down menu. If you click the down arrow you will see all the wine versions/runners you have installed.

Don’t forget that Lutris also make a runner(s) which is available from the main Lutris window on the left hand side (8th item down), Runners, click on the gear wheel.