How to fix/report mistakes in game infos

There are several mistakes/missing info in game descriptions. I already tried to upload new script, which is now waiting for approval. But what if i want to edit game description? I found several issues, like:

  • Serious Sam: The First Encounter
  • The description is in French
  • The “classic” and “HD” version are mixed. This game name, screenshots, Steam and GOG links are “classic” version, but install script and HB links are “HD” version (btw there exists already third version - “VR”)
  • Medieval II: Total War
  • this game has game description taken from Rome: Total War, not Medieval!
  • Some games are not yet officially published on Lutris and therefore it can be found only in advanced search (its little confusing, because i thought that these games are not at Lutris at all and I almost submitted new game…). These games mostly dont have any description, screenshots etc, how can i help these game to be published on Lutris?
  • Can I add new store (like steam, desura, gog, …) where users can buy games? For example standalone (non-steam) version of Arma: Cold War Assault can be found only in Bohemia Interactive Store (creators of the game). This game has also outdated link into website…
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I have the exact same question. There are a ton of game entries submitted here with missing release years, and so we have incomplete information shown in our clients!

Check for example FlatOut, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Rebel Galaxy, Eador: Genesis (which is listed here as Eador. Genesis) and a lot more…

How should we fix this?

Well, if someone can submit a pull request with a form to edit game information, that would go much quicker. Otherwise, I’ll have to write it myself and I don’t know when I’ll do it.

Hi, pull request on Github? Can you share the link of repository?


Sure, this is the repo for the Lutris website:

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And this is the Github issue: (maybe there’s more, I didn’t check)