How to fix lags on Minecraft Dungeons & Compatibility layer issues

I was trying to play Minecraft Dungeons using lutris and default installation worked awfully, i was getting 13FPS and my GPU wasnt getting utilized completely, and i have found a solution

Set versions of different compatibility modules in runner options like this:

For some reason, it worked.
By default, the versions were latest for DXVK, VK3D and DXVK-NVAPI / DLSS

And as i mentioned before it didnt work well

I guess it is a bug, i hope it gets fixed soon
I will test each version separately to see what causes the issue
Now i just set everything except D3D extras one version lower and it works perfectly

My GPU is GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER and Nvidia driver version is 35.129.03, i installed it using mhwd
OS: Manjaro 64-bit
Kernel version: 6.5.9-1
I use X11 server as my display manager
CPU: Intel Core i7 7700K

I have also disabled Feral Game Mode, changed setting for ICD Vulkan Loader (Set it to my GPU)

I hope my post will be useful for someone <3
I will be happy to provide other information needed for developers to help fixing issues with latest DXVK, VK3D, etc.

Check the comments, as i said earlier i will test different settings and determine which part or version exactly causes the issue