How to change / view controller mappings for SNES

Great project! Was simple to get setup and get my game going. But not so straight forward as to how to change/view controls?

Is there a UI for setting the keyboard > controller mappings for systems like NES, SNES, etc ? Where specifically do I find the default keyboard/keys for the SNES ?

bump, anyone know how to view or edit keyboard controls for SNES games ?

It depends on the runner you have selected.
If you are using the Retroarch runner you can press F1 to bring up the menu and from there navigate to the controls menu using the arrow keys, x (select) and z (return).


Actually still a minor but important detail; cause it left me stumped for a while.

When you hit F1 to bring up the Retroarch menu it only shows the ‘Quick Menu’ and these are limited options; for example you cannot map new keyboard bindings from here.

You need to hit BACKSPACE once to go up to the parent / global menu. From there you can hit left or right arrow keys to find the Configuration > Input menu.

Good to know for future reference.

For me F1 brought up the full menu and that is why I was not aware of the BACKSPACE key and having to go up to a parent / global menu first.