How to block a game from Internet?

Can we block a game from internet access when using lutris?

That’s out of the jurisdiction of Lutris. You’ll be needing some system administration for this involving adding a no-internet group and the firewall…

See this answer on

Basically the person answering added a new group no-internet and created a firewall rule which blocks internet access for every program in this group.

Then he uses this command to execute a program under this group:

sudo -g no-internet COMMAND

To launch a game you probably need to add the sudo -g no-internet to the pre-launch arguments.

I haven’t tried this myself though. This is just to inform you where you have to be looking to solve a little problem like this.

I thought I would have to make a group like that. But I wasn’t sure where or if I can put that rule to run when I launch the game from lutris. Didn’t know where to look really in lutris options. Looks like I should try in pre-launch option. Thanks. I’ll try it out and let everyone know.

I found the answer. It’s very easy. You have to create group and deny it internet access like the post above says and then launch lutris in that group from terminal. You don’t need to put any commands in lutis game settings or anything.

Easy guide to creating the group here.
When that is done start lutris like this from terminal:

no-internet lutris -d

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I use this command when I need

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That’s a very clean solution too.