How to apply script settings to pre-installed game?

I’ve added the games from my two gaming drives in the Wine Steam of Lutris. However, most games simply do not work - even the ones I know for a fact that do, i.e. Fallout 4. I imagine it is because the extra tweaks for each game have not been made. Is there a way to apply them using the script (the lazy way) post factum and not have to fiddle with wine and DXVK myself. I mean - I’ve set the latest version of DXVK and use esync, but the rest of the tweaks are soft of lost on me. So, if I could use the script even though the game is already installed, that would make my task so much easier.

Are you sure that’s even the problem?

  1. Install Wine to PC
  2. Install Vulkan
  3. Right click the game in your Lutris library > Configure > Runner options > Output debugging info > Enabled Logs can be found through the menubar > Game > View last game’s log

Paste the output here.

Ok, so it might be more of a game specific problem, because upon extensive testings I did notice quite a few games working out of the box - Darksiders 1 (but not 2), MKXL, Injustice 1. However this is the log output I get after trying to launch Fallout 4 (which only gives me a black screen with nothing happening):

Fallout 4 Log

I’m giving a link because the log exceeded the maximum allowed characters.

  1. Install Wine and its dependencies

  2. Right-click FO4 in your Lutris library > Configure > System options > Show advanced options > Uncheck “Disable Lutris Runtime”