How long to wait for publication?

I’ve been using Lutris for a few months now and have submitted a few game installers which have been approved within 24 hours.

I do have one game which has been unpublished for almost a week, which is unusual. I’m in no rush to have the game published (as the installer I wrote works great for me) but I just wanted to make sure that something wasn’t wrong with the submission system that made my installer hidden from the admins somehow.

Is waiting a week for an installer a reasonable amount of time, in other people’s experience?


I’ve had a bunch of installers not getting approved lately. I’m not sure what’s up, either.

I’m also in the same boat. Maybe the installer moderators are on break?

Having this issue again lately with both installers and contributions; some are approved within a few days and some have been sitting for weeks. Don’t know if there’s just a moderation bottleneck or there’s any problems with my submissions. =/

Can’t speak for other mods but I have been busy these past few weeks. I reviewed all open submissions last night and there were quite a few.

I have contributions waiting for more than one month: new banners for games and some scripts, someone could look at and validate them? Thank you.

How long would I be waiting for approval for my Aven Colony GOG contribution?

Hello, could you post the url to the game and the name of your script?


GOG Wine version

hope that helps, thanks for the good work!

but you can delete this two lines:

      dxvk: true
      esync: true

useless today and insert


instead because it’s more easy to manage windows apps in a wine desktop mode, more stability when you alt+tab between wine window and linux apps…

thX! Will get to it first thing in the morning!

and could you add a screenshot too, thank you for your contribution.

Would that just be a screenshot of the running game (I’d add multiple in that case, but resolution might be interesting, as I am running an ultra wide screen) and where would I upload those?

Additionally after I added


it was automatically changed to
wine: Desktop=true

wouldn’t it be

    Desktop: true


Thanks for all the help!

you are right, I wrote too quickly, correct lines:

    Desktop: true

Ah, now the formatting looks as i expected :wink:

How about the screenshots?

Yes, a screenshot of running game. You could choose one on google or better on mobygames:

Could you change the banner too by one with better quality?

both done

nice work!