How long is the installer edition approval time?

Hello everyone!

Two days ago I edited the installer for Torment: Tides of Numenera(GOG Linux edition), it was broken. How long do I have to wait for someone to accept this edition?

A simple change in line with this topic - Submitting a native Linux GOG installer

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Welcome to the “waiting room”, I wrote and updated a lot of scripts this last months, weeks and a lot of them are still not validated…
Tannis Root from Lutris team said me there is only one moderator for installers…it is clearly not enough.
A lot of scripts are obsolete or needs maintenance, some users like me do the job but noone validate…then users complain about installers that do not work, even if you updated the script several weeks ago. This situation penalizes all Lutris team work/efforts and at long-term could lose users or potential new users…Because when a script does not work, in users mind, it’s Lutris that does not work…

I’m waiting 2-3 month with this installers:

I opened an issue about that problem here:

They have no one to moderate installers.
Installers is the Lutris blood, if they become obsolete or non functionnal, it will be soon be a big problem.
I remember I didn"t use POL scripts because most of the time they never work or was obsolete.


I was thinking to migrate some games to windows because of outdated lutris installers…