How install wine steam in lutris?

I see that in old versions of lutris was steam for windows runner, but now can’t find it. But in sources I cane enable steam for windows source, and then lutris automatically install steam for windows but it not happened on lutris on my laptop. I can install wine steam runner?

Well, I don’t know about that other method, but you can just create a new game and install Steam using “Run EXE in Wine Prefix” (that’s how I have a Windows Steam client in Lutris… I didn’t like that Winesteam in the left pane when it was there, I had little control over it.

Click the big + button, choose “Add locally installed game” (manually configure a game available locally). Give it a Lutris runner (e.g. lutris-7.2-2… you can change this later). Install Steam using “Run EXE inside Wine Prefix” from the little wine bottle tear off menu for the game. Then change the path to the Steam executable etc. and just let Steam download the games you want to play.

You can create as many of these Steam wine prefixes as you like, if different games like different wine runners and settings etc.

Thank you! I also install wine steam when I started install game from windows steam source. But works not so good, first I have to run the steam itself, and then the game, running the game through the shortcut that I created in the steam does not work. But it works, thank you.