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How install Lutris Beta Flatpak

  1. Add Flathub Beta remote


flatpak remote-add --user flathub-beta
flatpak update --appstream
  1. Install Lutris Beta


flatpak install --user flathub-beta net.lutris.Lutris//beta

How run Lutris Beta


flatpak run net.lutris.Lutris//beta

To get support for Lutris Beta Flatpak you have to report the error here:

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I’ve found that in order for games to work you also have to run:

flatpak install org.gnome.Platform.Compat.i386

For anyone having problems. :smiley:

When will Lutris Flatpak Stable be available? SO that users can install it from software manager (for example if they’re running Linux MInt).

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Oh yes! I came about just to seek an answer to that =) --will be wonderful when the flatpak is ready to go for real.

It’ll be great if this could get to flathub stable repo before the Steam Deck’s release so that more people could test it first. I hadn’t even known that Lutris has a Flatpak version until recently, because it doesn’t normally appear on the main flathub’s search (web or terminal).