How do I use IRC (#lutris on Freenode)

How do I use IRC channel #lutris on Freenode. I am on Linux Mint, I have HexChat.
But after that I don’t know what to do. Can someone explain the process from scratch ?
How do create an account ? How do I login ? Etc.

  1. Open Network List (from the menu or with Ctrl+S)
  2. Pick FreeNode and Connect (preferably set up preferred nickname first)
    If it’s not in the list, add it using information from here.
  3. Use Server > Join a channel… command to open channel dialog
  4. Type the channel name and confirm (or press Retrieve channel list to search)
    If it refuses to let you join, register on server using instructions from here (/ commands are typed in the chat box).

Alternatively, you can use WebUI for chat, but you’ll still need to register nickname the same way.

Thank you! I had a problem with the registration process, but now it’s fixed.