How do I update Nvidia Drivers?

Ive been trying to get Start Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) working, it could run well before but it crashed at gameplay, then i updated origin and installed and updated libraries, now its requiring me to update my Nvidia Drivers for lutris Screenshot from 2020-05-23 21-49-54 but… my drivers are up to date? so i thought "no problem ill just run the installation drivers .exe inside lutris right? well nope, aparently thats not how it works lol.
am running the game on lutris-4.20-x86_64
am using pop_os 20.04
virtual desktop is enabled

I think this is the problem:

huh apparently it was an easy thing, i had to enable DXVK on my runner options, game still doesnt work past main menu tho xD, thanks

This is a interesting one.

Some are recommending Wine 4.19

Try disable vk3d and for dxvk take a version like 1.6 for the runner u can take mutris 4.19.
In my memories even the game can work there are issue like mouse and stuff like that u will need to fix manually

hi and thanks for helping me, unfortunately 4.19 wasnt available for me to download but it give me an idea, so i did trial and error with different Lutris version and lutris-lol-4.17 was the winner!.
only problem tho is that the screen was chopped off so i fixed that by playing in windowed desktop.
another other problem was that keyboard got locked and none of the keys worked, i fixed this by going outside borderless and changing it to window.

i dunno why it the settings arent like this for the installer as default ._.

Very nice! That’s the way to approach these problems. :+1:

You could submit an issue for this specific installer on the installer page. If somebody comes along who owns the game too then this person has this information too. If someone comes along who owns the game and knows how to implement the changes into the installer script then this person has the information to do so.

So when u achieve to boot the game if u have control issue u must fix something in the config user files of the game, good luck.
U will find this here
[%USERPROFILE%]\Documents\STAR WARS Battlefront II\settings\