How do I solve this problem in LOL?

hello to all.

The problem is this, when I try to start a game in the league of legends, this ad simply appears.


and from there he does not let me do anything else.

Thanks for your time and collaboration.

PD in case the image does not show the ad says the following:

A critical error has ocurred and the process must terminated.

Would you like to create a crash dump to aid the developers in troubleshooting this issue? This may take up to 5 minutes.

NOTE: The process may appear unresponsive during time.

League is currently, and maybe permanently broken. See for more updates. In patch 8.12 riot pushed some anti cheat which prevents it from running under wine. Its possible it goes the same route as fortnite and may never run again. Its also possible the wine developers may be able to fix this.

I haven’t opened LoL for a few weeks, but AFAIK this week the anti-cheat mechanisms have been introduced into the Europe servers and clients.

So I guess WINE LoL is fucked until either WINE or Riot solves this problem.

RIOT has already stated that they want to make Linux/WINE to run it again, but I have no insights if they want the WINE devs to solve it or if they do it themselves.

TL;DR You have to wait until LoL’s anti-cheat works with WINE

EDIT: Basically they allowed GPU-passthrough VMs again and said that WINE devs should find a workaround -