How do I point to the C:\ drive and add arguments?

Trying to install GDMX on top of Deus Ex as shown in the reddit post below but have no clue how to point to the Drive. I know the c drive is in ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/Deus Ex/GMDX but have no clue how to point to it. Any help? Thanks.

You now have a GMDX.exe in your DeusEx/System directory. It needs to be run with the following command-line arguments:

‘INI=C:/GOG Games/Deus Ex GOTY/GMDX/System/gmdx.ini’ ‘USERINI=C:/GOG Games/Deus Ex GOTY/GMDX/System/gmdxuser.ini’ ‘LOG=C:/GOG Games/Deus Ex GOTY/GMDX/System/gmdx.log’

In POL, you can add these command line arguments to the GMDX.exe shortcut configurations, under Arguments. Obviously, if your Deus Ex is installed in a different location in this virtual drive, you have to change the paths.

I think I got it working! For anyone else interested in how I did it:

  • Downloaded and installed GMDX: right-click Deus Ex and choose Run EXE inside wineprefix
  • Downloaded Kentie’s launcher and vcredist_x86.exe as described on the page. Installed vcredist the same way as GMDX and added the files from the zip to /Deus Ex/System
  • Added a new game and the deusex.exe to executable under game options as well as ~/.local/share/lutris/runners/winesteam/prefix/drive_c/ to wine prefix also under game options. (Screenshot)
  • Run launcher, configure renderer to D3D9, and voila it works.
  • Add -skipdialog to arguments under game options to launch the game instead of the launcher.

Make sure wine is set to Windows Vista or above.