How do I install Vulcan on mint 18.3?


How do I install Vulcan on mint 18.3?

Also, frankly, if this crap is so important to the functioning of this program, why isn’t the proper version automatically installed…?


Going to assume a basic knowledge of Linux here.

DXVK maps DirectX 10/11 graphics calls to their Vulkan equivalent. If your app doesn’t need those versions of DirectX, you might need to enable DirectX 9 or earlier to support your title.

To enable DXVK, you need to install Vulkan support for your card (duh). It’s optional, but yeah, I agree with Linux gaming advancing, it should be installed as part of newer distros. Instructions are here.

…you haven’t told us what your graphics card is, so you’ll have to adjust for your base Linux distro accordingly.

That adds the Vulkan support. Also important, and get overlooked a lot, are the vulkan-icd-loader lib32-vulkan-icd-loader packages.

That’ll allow you to enable DXVK in Lutris titles, assuming they need it.

Good luck :slight_smile: