How do I allocate more space?


When trying to install a game, I currently have two drives, :C and :Z, my :C drive is my windows drive (?) i think and currently I don’t have enough space in my :Z drive to install a game, is there any work around to this, any help would be appreciated, I’m very new to Linux.

These Windows drives are mappings. Each game is installed into a folder structure. These folder structures are called a ‘prefix’. The C drive points to a folder inside this folder structure. The Z drive points to the root ( / ) of the Linux file system.

If we take a GOG game as an example, then this game will typically be installed in C:\Gog Games\Name of game.

This location on your Linux machine could be a folder under your home folder.

So you have to check where your games are installed. Best thing to do is to select a game in Lutris, right click on it and select Browse files.

A file explorer will open and there you will probably see how much space is left there.