How do I add a WINE game to lutris?

Hello all,

I have a copy of my old game “Freelancer” installed via wine already. But I can’t seem to figure out how to add it to my lutris library. How do I add this game to my lutris Library?


  1. click “add game…”
  2. in game info tab: give it a name and choose runner: wine
  3. in game option, executable field --> browse to the executable game file
  4. in game option, wine prefix --> browse to the game wine folder that contains “dosdevices” and “drive_c” folders

Ha! This worked! But now, how do I add the Lutris extras to the game? Is that even possible?

I didn’t understand, what do you mean by Lutris extra?

the installer through the application says it has other optional installs along side it. something about wide screen and draw distance.

Aren’t those extras?

If you have the CD version, install the game with Lutris, it will automatically install extras too.
Or install extras manually in your actual game install, you will find patches and other tweaks here:

Yea my CD is actually unreadable. I played the game so much, that it got scratched to hell. I turned it into an ISO image a few years back, just so I could install and play it.

My issue is, Lutris doesn’t accept the ISO image as a disc. It throws an error. Now I managed to install the game outside Lutris, but those extras are still not installed. I’m asking if there’s any way to install them, through lutris, even though lutris didn’t actually install the game.

If you use Gnome, you could mount the ISO file as a virtual CD-ROM drive. Then launch Lutris install.
Other way to mount ISO as virtual CD-DRIVE:

oh yea, I did that. But lutris was saying how it wasn’t a retail version, and cancelled the install.

I am sorry to say Mattig89ch you are probably out of luck, when you made your ISO image of your game, some form of encryption or some way to check if the game installation files were copied didn’t make it over to your ISO image of your game, so you are out of luck, unless you can make lutris some how read your original CD disks.

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Rats. Thanks for the help anyway!

The only legal way I can think of accomplish your goal is to purchase the game again, or removing the encryption system from a copy of the game. How you would do that I don’t know, but it would be a very difficult tasked. Probably be cheaper just to purchase the game again.

yea…maybe I can find a place to grind down the disc enough, to remove 99% of the scratches as well. They’re mostly surface scratches anyway…

I wish you good luck, I just thought of another idea, if the computer you are using has a Blue Ray reader you could try and see if it can read the disk. That is what I do when I have a DVD that has surface scratches, and it works must of the time.

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Now thats an idea. Though, sadly, this is an old Latitude E6420. They don’t make blueray players for this thing. Or…I assume they don’t.

@mattig89ch you probably should be able to add an external Blue Ray player by USB, I don’t know for sure but I have connected a external DVD player that way.

That…might work as well. Honestly, never thought of that.