How can I use Proton with Lutris?!

How can I use Proton with Lutris?!

I tried to do that but it pops warning message and close itself.

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What exactly do you want to do?

My suggestion is it would be better to install non-steam games using Lutris and then in your steam client create a non-steam game shortcut to the Lutris launcher.

Or if you want to add Windows games already installed with Proton to Lutris go to your Linux section in Lutris and create a new launcher.

Executable = /usr/bin/steam (if not that try ~/.steam/steam/./
Arguments = steam://rungameid/ (for GTA V it would be steam://rungameid/271590)

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I want to run Windows games that is not purchased from Steam using Proton.

I’ve wrote a post on reddit detailing a few things and one of them is how to do this

It might not work depending on the game but you can try:

/tmp/proton_run “path to.exe”

Proton is just a fork of wine. For what you want you are better just using Lutris.

Search for the game and if there is a DXVK installer just click install.

What game is it?

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Thanks, this post is so helpful.

Metro 2033 Redux (Native) takes so much time to load, so I used Metro 2033 Redux (Windows version) but it has sound issue (crackling sound) that I couldn’t solve so I was wondering if Proton could run it without any sound issues.

Probably Pulse audio’s latency

Back up any config files before changing them.

If not that, set DLL override in winecfg for xaudio2_7

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I installed xact using winetricks, and tried PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=60 and it doesn’t work, and increased the value until I found the crackling sound doesn’t sound acceptable at PULSE_LATENCY_MSEC=150, and I tried everything in this post, but I will look at the post you mentioned, I might find something new.