How can I reinstall a game in lutris without loosing all my game data

My wife plays the SIMS4 and her install crashes at launch during origin update and I cannot find a way to get around it. So How can I reinstall the game in lutris without loosing all the game data ?
Thanks in advance

Normally, the best way to go about this is to export all of your save data from the wineprefix, and then you can reinstall without worry.

If you want to make sure nothing goes wrong, just backup the whole folder – this way even if you mess up something during the first attempt, you can simply replace new install with the copy of old one.

Install to a different prefix, find the game files in the old prefix, copy to the same location in the new prefix.

In fact, you can do some fun stuff when you understand that you control the file system. I have a prefix for WoW/Hearthstone, another for Twitch’s Addon manager. I symlinked my WoW directory from the WoW prefix to the Twitch prefix and use the latter to update addons in the former.

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I don’t know if you’ve tried it yet but there is a work around for the Origin patching crashes, if you haven’t reinstalled yet. I’m afraid I can’t recall where I found this information though, I just have it saved for every time it patches.

  • Open terminal
  • $ wget
  • $ unzip OriginSetup.exe ‘update/*.zip’
  • Open the home folder and find new folder called update. Inside ‘Update’ is a .zip, extract it there.
  • Open Lutris, right click your origin installation that you run sims from and go to browse files
  • Copy extracted files (not the folder they extract into), and paste into the browse files window (which should be something like /home/Games/origin/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Origin depending on how you installed it in the first place). Replace anything it asks if you want to replace, merge any folders it asks if you want to merge.
    When you open up Origin again, it should be fully updated.

thanks guys the reinstall worked and the sims are running smoothly. Life at home is peacefull again thanks to you!!!

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