Homeworld2 instalation

Hello, When i install Homeworld2 in Ubuntus 20.04, i can’t run it because this problem: the flie/home/capobugbler/Games/-homeworld-2/drive_c/ProgramFiles/Sierra/Homeworld2/Bin/Release/-Homeworld2.exe
is missing!!!
please anybody can help me, i Love this game, thanks

Are you installing it with the “Retail CD” installation? I only have remastered edition from GOG that works fine, but from what you’re posing the “-” in front of the name looks like can cause the problem. Is the path actually correct?

Hello, thanks, the “-” is part of the error message, i did’n put this on the path, and yes i have a copy in a CD, since many years ago and this is the game that i install evry time that i have an oportunity, well finally i tested an instalation the last wensday it directli in wine and for my surprise the game worcked!!!, well if you have ansers for these another games i apreciate your help, the games are: “Warcraft 3 region of chaos”, “Robin Hood The Legend of Sherwood”, “Stronghold”, Pretorians", Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War", “Mech Commander”, “Star Wars Galactic Battlegronds Saga” ← special attention for this, “Oni”, Neverwinter Nigths", “Commandos BEL, and Commandos 2”, and the list go on, but this is my primary gol, for each one o thisi games i have an a CD, i only need can install it’s, and very much thanks for your help.