Heroes of the Storm + Wine (all versions) crashes randomly


In the past few years I fell in love with this game. Every now an then I love to play it.

As the topic says, the game spontaniously crashes every 1-3 games. Sometimes I could play 3 rows after another and then stop playing because its enough for me. But other times I can´t even play a single game. So its very randomly.

As I mentioned in another topic, I cannot enable Terminal-Output. If I do so, the BattlenetApp doesnt even start at all. So I don´t have any hints on what is going on “behind the scene”.
I tried nearly every Wine Version I could find in Lutris + all versions from the AUR.

Can someone point me in a direction?

Thanks a lot.

Open Lutris in a terminal. Enable game debugging, this should give you debugging info. If you also want Lutris debugging, you can start Lutris with “lutris -d”,

That said, the game crashes, I haven’t found a reason. I’m thinking it has something to do with retrieving information from the Blizzard servers, but I don’t often play the game so I haven’t looked further, I figured someone would find an issue and post a bugreport.

If you want to file a bug report on WineHQ after investigating, that would be your best bet to get it fixed.

PS: Start with “enable debugging info”, I think Full debugging info is what makes Blizzard App not start.