Heroes of the Storm hard locking, Popos Kernel 5.19

Problem 1: Popos update changed the Linux kernel to 5.19. With Kernel 5.19 I can get no video out on my RTX 3090. With kernel 5.18, it works fine.

Problem 2: After reverting to kernel 5.18 and installed further updates, some Nvidia driver related, I started having stability issue with Heroes of the Storm. The game would randomly hard lock in matches requiring the game and Blizzard launcher to be force closed and restarted.

My setup:
OS: PopOS current as of posting date.
GPU: RTX 3090
CPU: i9-9900

Steps Taken:
Disable iGPU in BIOS. It appears there is some sort of conflict between Nvidia GPU and Intel iGPU drivers. This allowed my to return to using the 5.19 kernel. But after testing didn’t fix HoTS crashing.

Nevermind, it just locked up again :frowning:

submit issue output:

Debug logs:

Edit 2:
Looks like it a known issue with a workaround

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Don’t use that fix - Blizzard updated the agent to 8020 to fix the issue. Have noticed some issues similar to this with the 5.19 kernel on AMD Gpu and game freezing up. Solution for me was setting the Battle.net launcher to exit when game launches or call the game directly (change the executable in game options to point to Wow.exe for World of Warcraft) and only use the launcher for updates when needed.

I have done that and it seems to be working. Thank you for the suggestion.