Heroes of The Storm - crashing after clicking "Play" button


I’m using Linux Mint 19 with latest 4.19 stable kernel and Mesa 18.2.3 and lutris-0.4.21. I sucessfully installed Battle.net and HoTS but game crashing just after clicking “Play” button (just black window appears).

I’m trying to use DXVK 0.90. I’ve installed all dependencies for my OS and enabled Esync.

Here’s my configuration and debug: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/QDDnWpzQ3W/

Any tips?

Have you tried other DXVK versions? The 0.80 series is good and stable enough for general use, whereas 0.90 requires patched Wine (newer version suffices) and Mesa drivers.

I also found kernel 4.19 to not work properly with some guys like Warframe at the moment.