Heroes of the Storm crashes after MVP screen - Wine Staging 3.11 + DXVK 0.54

Hi everyone,
I’ve successfully installed Heroes of the Storm but when the game ends (quick game), after the MVP screen, the game crashes and I have to kill it with htop. This happens in high settings, I have to verify in medium settings. I have selected the runner “wine staging 3.11” and I’ve enabled DXVK version 0.54. Performance are fine at 50+fps.

I’m running Manjaro and this is my setup:

AMD FX-8530
GTX 1060 3GB
Nvidia Driver Version: 396.24

Any one else experienced this?

I don’t have the “latest latest” nvidia drivers, which is the point release 396.24.02, that has some Vulkan fixes, so I’m not using the latest DXVK driver which is 0.61 as of today.

Is there anything I can look into, to debug this? I mean it’s not gamebreaking, I can always kill it and restart it but it’s annoying.

Thanks in advance,

The DXVK maintained did mention you needed the latest drivers, even on “old” versions like 0.54.

I didn’t understand clearly what’s your NVIDIA driver, but it has to be at least 396.24.02. I’d start there, since I have received no reports of it doing any bad for friends with NVIDIAs 1050 Ti and 1060.

I’m currently running the game perfectly after installing it via the given install script and using DXVK 0.61, but I’m using ryzen 5 2400G as my CPU/Graphics card.

Check those big two differences (drivers+dxvk) and report back!

Thanks for your reply.

My driver version is 396.24 and not 396.24.02. I think that 396.24.02 is a “developer” version of the driver and have to be installed manually.

Should I just wait for the new version on Manjaro?

That’s interesting, I haven’t seen version “just” 396.24 specifically. For Ubuntu and derived distros, there’s this PPA for nvidia drivers that some friends who had troubles with nvidia+dxvk used to get things going.

Just yesterday I helped somebody going from zero DXVK support and sluggish Diablo 3 gaming to full support and 75fps on his 1050Ti.

Since I have no history about the requirements and advancements of the DXVK page, I can’t direct you to the latest DXVK that supports your drivers.

I’m almost certain you can look for your equivalent of that PPA and update your drivers with no problems. The DXVK guy seems to be an Arch user, and Manjaro is derived from it, as fas as I know, so you should also be able to get it working alright.

Thank you!