Help with wine settings for Hue Sync for PC

Hi, relatively new Lutris users. Longtime Linux and basic wine user…

Hue Sync for PC - if you have Philips Hue lights, this allows syncing of the lights to colors on the screen. It’s really cool, but won’t run under Wine for me. I am able to use Screenbloom under wine but it doesn’t use Hue entertainment so it’s slower, and I’ve built Huestacean 2.6 under Linux, but it eats a LOT of CPU

I’ve tried using Wine 6.0 in Ubuntu 20.04 and lutris-4.21-x86_64 wine and but it doesn’t “just work”. Hoping someone here that is far more knowledgeable than me at figuring out how to make Windows apps work under wine can help and that we can add this to Lutris.

i’m guessing the hue app uses all sorts of wonky windows API stuff to figure out what colors are on the screen etc.

seems like huestacean is on the right track, they just need to sort out the performance issues