Help with Visual C++ Installation and Azure Learning Advice Needed

Hey all,

I’ve been encountering a persistent issue where I can’t install any Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables on my system. I found a discussion on a similar issue here: Can’t install any Microsoft Visual C++. Despite following some suggestions, I still haven’t resolved the problem. These installation issues are preventing me from running several important applications.

In addition to this, I’m starting to learn about cloud computing and came across a detailed Microsoft Azure Tutorial. As a beginner, I’m looking for guidance on the best resources to get started with Azure.

I’m seeking the community’s advice on two fronts;

Microsoft Visual C++ Installation Issues: Has anyone faced similar problems and found a working solution? Any detailed troubleshooting steps, alternative installation methods, or specific configurations that have worked for you would be very helpful.

Microsoft Azure Learning Resources: For those experienced with Azure, could you recommend effective tutorials, courses, or other learning resources for beginners? How did you start your journey with Azure, and what advice would you give to someone new to this field?

Thank you for your assistance and insights… :slightly_smiling_face: