Help with getting controllers to work

So, i am fairly new to linux, got fed up with windows some days ago and installed ubuntu 18.04.1 so i can work with my python applications without being annoyed, so i already setup lutris and everything to be able to play my games and everything works, linux games, windows games, emulator games… but i have a problem, while in linux games i got my ps3 controller to work flawlessly, in windows games via winesteam either my controller isn’t even recognized, or it thinks i am pressing a specific button forever(changes depending on the game), and i seem to be unable to figure out how to setup the controller to play emulator games(via libretro to be more specific), if anyone could help me with those problems it would be extremely appreciated.

Have a look at this

if that doesnt work try the xbox software.

  • install xboxdrv from the Ubuntu Software Center or with sudo apt-get install xboxdrv
  • start xboxdrv with sudo xboxdrv --detach-kernel-driver
  • If you press the Playstation button, the computer will receive its input and simulate it as an Xbox 360 controller, which should work the same as the playstation controller.

You can test the functionality of your controller through Jstest-gtk (install: sudo apt-get install jstest-gtk )

yeah, i have that installed, and the controller works flawlessly with linux games, but with winesteam i get some games where it doesnt work and some where it thinks i am pressing a button non-stop
and with libretro emulated games i cant figure out how to set my own control scheme

I am also having issues getting my steam deck controller to work with libretro thru lutris. Is there any way to setup a control scheme in the settings or did lutris install the retroarch to set that up?