Help with calibrating controller

I’d be very grateful for help with calibrating a controller.

I can map the buttons in Debian using gamepad-tool (SDL2 mapping program with GUI) and I can calibrate the joystick using evdev-joystick (or jscal). These appear to work outside of Lutris, but my calibration settings do not persist in Overwatch where they revert to defaults.

If I paste the SDL2 gamepad mapping string in Lutris (in the game’s System Options), then the buttons work perfectly. However the joystick calibration does not persist at all. Unfortunately there are no in-game options to properly calibrate a controller.

Does anyone know how to recalibrate the joystick in a way that will persist in Lutris? I wondered if there might be a way to add data about the joystick axes to the SDL2 gamepad mapping string as a workaround?

Issue report; lutris-d;

Thanks in advance for any ideas, and to the Lutris team for an amazing product.