Help moving a directory (solved)

Looking for some help with this installer. Short version, the game is playable natively on Linux using the Ren’Py SDK, and I figured out how to launch it easily within Lutris, but it requires a particular file structure of renpy/blackdiary/game. However, I cannot figure out how to move the game folder, which extracts as /Payload/ I’ve tried merge, move, rename, extracting the archive in $GAMEDIR and $CACHE, everything I could think of, but it doesn’t work. The installer doesn’t throw an error or anything, it just doesn’t do that step.

EDIT: solved, I forgot a hyphen before move >_<

Since you fixed it, I suggest submitting the updated script so others can benefit.

I submitted the updated script at the link after I fixed it, but I’ll post it here as well:

- file1: N/A:Please select the iOS app file
  args: blackdiary
- extract:
    dst: $CACHE
    file: $file1
    format: zip
- merge:
    dst: $GAMEDIR/blackdiary/game
    src: $CACHE/Payload/
requires: renpy