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Hello Lutris and Linuxs Users

Good morning everyone, I hope all or most of you are well. I would just like to make this disclaimer. First of all, a big hello to the person who created this project, and congratulations to the work team and members, My name is Arman Paul, I am 30 years old, and I have been a programmer and electronics technician since I was 12. I am a very serene and very closed emotionally speaking, I am a bit special. I left my studies in my country because I realized that what my Teachers were teaching me was, so to speak, very Archaic and dictatorial. So I told my father, rather I asked his permission. And he told me only one thing, What would you like to be when you grow up… and I replied. I want to be a genius working without anyone bothering me. He looked at me for a few minutes and closed the door of the room angrily, the next day I did not go to school, I did not sleep that night, I had to do something and that night I dismantled a couple of electronic toys that I had well kept, I managed make a uhf controller circuit for the lights in my room remote control power off and also use a circuit with an old emprom that I could get from an old comodore64 computer that allowed me to program it to turn off the lights in the whole house by control to the parallel port of my old Lenovo thinkpad x60 notebook. My father got scared and thought that he should go to a psychiatrist immediately and so it happened. We fought a lot about it because he thought I was crazy, but the Doctor, more like my psychiatrist, is still my psychiatrist, and I proved him otherwise, I suffer from OCD and I have a certain level of autism and serious problems sleeping since I was little, sometimes I couldn’t. Stop imagining the great things that could help the world with programming and the advancement of technology. I hope to be able to collaborate in this group as part of my hobby number 6. Total thanks. Postscript… This is history! and excuse the G translate.

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