Hello, I can only launch games with the runner set to my system verision of WINE. GE and lutris-GE won't launch games at all anymore. Help?

This is a recent issue but I usually use gloriouseggroll WINE builds from his github, but recently games don’t launch at all with any custom runner and I can only use my system WINE to actually get games to run, but I much prefer to use GE wine since it has a lot more fixes and compatibility, not to mention F-sync. I have noticed when I launch lutris now, instead of getting the “checking for runtime updates” the dialog only says: “Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)”.

Anyone else had similar issues? Should I just clean install and remove all local and config files?

You could easily reinstall the lutris package (from your distributor?) but I wouldn’t go deleting all your lutris configuration just yet.

Try renaming /home/yourname/.local/share/lutris/runtime to runtime_old or something and launching Lutris.

Now I’ll say that I can’t get those new Lutris GE runners to work at all, so don’t give up after trying again with just that. The one that works correctly for me right now is lutris-7.2-2 (but I’m not saying we have the same environment or issues etc.)