Hellblade fullscreen issue

Hi all!

I’m a first time Lutris user (although I’ve been using Linux for some 20 years now). I’ve started to get sick of playing games in Windows, so I’ve been moving all possible games to Linux instead. I wanted to play “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice” on Linux, too, but unfortunately I bought the game from GOG, so the easy way of Steam+Proton was out of question. So, I decided to try out Lutris.

The installation of “Hellblade” went well, although I didn’t install wine, installing only dependencies and opting for Lutris’ version of wine (I’m trying to avoid vanilla wine installation if possible).

The game itself seems to work perfectly, too, with one exception: the fullscreen option does not work properly. The game leaves the window managers (Awesome wm) taskbar visible on top of the screen, and the bottom part of the game window is off-screen. I’ve tried all possible display options within the game, with no luck. I didn’t notice any obvious errors in logs, either.

All other games I have, native Linux, native Linux on Steam and Windows games on Steam+Proton do the fullscreen properly, only Lutris has problems. The usual Steam trick of Alt+Enter didn’t work, either.

Any Ideas what I could try to do to make Lutris fullscreen working???

  • Info in pastebin
  • System specs:
    AMD Ryzen 2600+, Nvidia GTX1070, 16Gb memory
    Lutris-0.5.8-1 on Arch Linux, Awesome as a window manager