Hearthstone poor performance

Anyone else experiencing poor performance on Hearthstone?

GTX 1070
Driver: 396.45
Vulkan: 1.1.70
DXVK: 0.64 (same poor performance on 0.52, 0.54, 0.63 etc.)
Wine: 3.13 staging

It’s almost stuck on 23-30 fps and feels sluggish. Since this isn’t a very demanding game something must be wrong. Does anyone have a fix for this?

From my experience, the game seems to simply cap framerates as a builtin feature. When you pick any card (for example, Frost Bolt) the game goes into 60 fps and smoothens the animations.

Are you experiencing stuttering? If not, I have a feeling that “feature” is built in the game.

As I have not felt the game to be sluggish, I have not looked elsewhere if the game is, in fact, capped.

Cap is 30 on medium / low graphics. 60 on High graphics. I just retested HS on DXVK and it works fine on 60 fps with nice frametimings. I have the same driver as you, with a 970.

So I tried to set the graphics to High and yes, the 30fps cap was lifted but I still only get about 45fps in the menus.
When I start a game it goes down to about 32 fps. Do you get a stable 60 on high settings?

What am I missing here?
World of Warcraft runs with about 100-80fps on high/medium settings, there must be some tweak or Lutris setting I am missing somewhere.

Yes, stable at 60 fps. Sounds really wierd that you have such low numbers. Try a fresh prefix. (just move the actual game data outside the prefix somewhere and point the new Blizzard App towards that location).